Welcome to my website! I’m a 5th year PhD candidate at Michigan State University working under Dr. Kay Holekamp .

Holding (not kidnapping!) an 8-month old cub during a routine immobilization


9/10/2015: Great first day of the Early life developmental effects workshop ( sponsored by NERC and the U of Exeter) in Falmouth, Cornwall.  So thankful to have been invited to this wonderful meeting of the minds and fields (biomedicine and human health meets evolutionary science). Check out #ELWorkshop!

8/15/2015: Said goodbye to all my students on this year’s 3-week Wild Borneo  study abroad trip to Indonesia and Malaysia. I kept a blog during our travels for the students’ families to follow. What an amazing adventure!

8/30/2015: Sports standards I finally took the swimming fitness tests so that I can travel, attend conferences and be more athletic

7/14/2015: Helping  REU student, Sonja Hansen, get her poster ready for this year’s next Tuesday. She will presenting our very cool findings on psychological stress and telomere length!

6/18/2015: Back from a great time at ABS in Alaska.  I took part in the Outreach Fair, presented my IGF-1 work, saw some fascinating  talks, and met some really interesting people. New Scientist magazine and IFL covered some work presented by undergrad superstar, Sarah Maclachlan ! See the coverage here and here

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2/24/2015: Our Biology Letters  paper is now featured on the Science website

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2/9/2015: I received a Grant-in-Aid of Research from the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology!

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